Carpet Tile

Pic_For_Pg_CarpetTileAs its name suggests, carpet tile, also known as modular carpet, is a piece of carpet cut into squares. In juxtaposition to broadloom carpet, carpet tile is available in a variety of fibers, pile styles, designs and colors. Carpet tile is typically the preferred alternative to broadloom carpet in commercial settings for a variety of reasons, including the following:

(1)  Easier to transport. Broadloom carpet comes in twelve and fifteen-foot widths, making it very difficult to maneuver in narrow hallways.

(2)  Easier to maintain. Stained pieces of carpet tiles can be easily removed from the floor for cleaning and worn out pieces can be replaced with new tiles (rather than replacing the entire room of carpet).

(3)  Less waste. Broadloom carpets that are installed in narrow rooms can often produce several yards of waste because of the standard twelve or fifteen foot width of broadloom carpet.

(4)  Room does not have to be emptied. Because carpet tiles are installed one tile at a time, furniture does not have to be removed from the room.

Despite their advantages, carpet tile has not obtained a significant portion of the residential floor covering market share because it is more expensive than broadloom carpet for the same weight and fiber. Further, while carpet tile is installed directly on the subfloor, broadloom carpet is often installed over deluxe padding, providing extra warmth, comfort and noise absorption.

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