Pic_For_Pg_LaminateLaminate is a manufactured product that consists of four layers. The bottom layer, known as the backing, provides dimensional stability to the boards and facilitates the resistance to moisture. The next layer is the core board, which contains melamine resin to enhance moisture resistance and durability. Adhered to the core board is a decorative layer consisting of a high-resolution photo-reproduction of wood grain, natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile. The final layer is a wear layer that provides protection from stains, fading, and wear.

Laminate is usually purchased as a substitute to its wood counterpart, but has several distinct advantages. For example, laminate is less expensive than wood, and has superior scratch, stain, fade, and dent resistance. While wood floors must be installed at-or-above grade because moisture will cause cupping, technological advancements in the construction of laminate enables it to be installed below grade. Further, laminate’s decorative layer ensures that every piece is identical, for a uniform look throughout your entire floor.

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